Great customer experiences are built on many things, but arguably one of the largest is convenience. From express lane checkouts to self-service customer support to two-day shipping, there’s hardly anyone that doesn’t value making things a little easier on themselves.

Now, it’s even easier for you to get the answers you need to find proven apps and experts to help solve business challenges fast. With AppExchange Chat, you can connect with real partner experts, make better-informed business decisions in real-time, and get your questions answered — without ever leaving AppExchange.

Learn more about the apps and experts that are ready…

Jonathan Weston’s favorite saying is Nihil sine Labore, which is Latin for “nothing without labor.” But when you spend just a few minutes with the person who helps entrepreneurs build to become AppExchange partners, you quickly catch on that his purpose is a labor of love.

“I love what I do, I love talking to entrepreneurs, I love their ideas, I love their spirit, I love what they bring to every ecosystem and community, I love everything about it,” shares the Atlanta-based Weston.

Transitioning to a Salesforce team member after nearly 20 years of using Salesforce as a customer, Weston…

Developers, admins, architects, partners, entrepreneurs, and IT leaders gathered globally (and virtually) on June 23 at TrailheaDX 2021. From expanding Salesforce skills to learning about the latest product innovations, discovering apps to extend Salesforce, to seeing new demos, it was an event to remember.

In this recap, you’ll read about all things AppExchange at TrailheaDX and where to find great on-demand resources.

Learn, Learn, and Learn Some MOAR

Admins, partners, and entrepreneurs experienced valuable, role-based content, including Trailblazer interviews, best practices, and technical content. …

Mary Tagler, Salesforce MVP and Lead Application Admin at Relativity

Just reading her Twitter bio will make you want to be best friends with Mary Tagler. The 6x certified, self-identified taco fanatic from Chicago attributes her success to the Salesforce community. “Had it not been for the community in all its forms, I wouldn’t be where I am; that’s not something I’ve never forgotten,” says the Leader of Chicago Salesforce Saturday. We asked Mary some questions to get to know more about this Salesforce MVP in a Golden Hoodie.

How did you get involved with Salesforce?

Mary Tagler: In 2012, my old company migrated from a 15+-year-old CRM to Salesforce. …

From Amazon to Yelp to AppExchange, there’s no questioning the power of public feedback. Whether you’re choosing a new kitchen gadget, researching the best tacos in town, or installing an app to help make your workday a little easier, reviews are a powerful way to inform decisions and share your experiences. With more than 100,000 reviews on AppExchange to date, we know our community isn’t shy about sharing its thoughts. Here are 5-star reviews of apps and consultants direct from AppExchange All-Stars and MVPs.

Leyna Hoffer on Rollup Helper

“Admin-Friendly Tool

Rollup Helper is a lifesaver if you are trying to create rollup summary fields…

McKinsey & Company reported in late 2020 that about 58 percent of Black-owned businesses were at risk of financial distress before the pandemic, compared with about 27 percent of white-owned businesses; additionally, only 4 percent of Black American businesses survive the start-up stage, even though 20 percent of Black Americans start businesses.

AppExchange is working to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive partner ecosystem that reflects the communities in which we live and do business. That includes outreach and support of founders from underrepresented groups.

Salesforce Accelerate’s Cohort 10 was exclusively for Black entrepreneur-led startups. These founders and their teams…

Our favorite bobcat, Appy, celebrated her fourth birthday on March 30 (which is 32 in human years, but shhh — don’t tell Appy that). It’s nearly impossible to think about a time before Appy was the go-to guide for all things Salesforce ecosystem.

Appy is the guide that everyone wishes they could have. Since she knows a lot about all things Salesforce, she leads the way to help you navigate the AppExchange ecosystem to solve your business challenge. Appy is also a connector. If she doesn’t know the answer, she uses her extensive network to connect the right people together…

In the last 365 days (and counting), companies leveraged technology to not just respond to the sudden challenges in 2020, but to fundamentally and permanently alter the way they do business. In a year no one could predict and one will forget, our community of customers came together to forge a path to a future that once seemed so distant. While picking up some new personal hobbies (did somebody say freshly baked Focaccia bread?), Trailblazers also developed better data management processes, discovered ways to support their newly remote workforces, and continue to meet customers’ needs.

Read more about how individuals…

Lake Nona Town Center. Image courtesy of Tavistock Development Company.

As a real estate development company with verticals across a variety of industries, capturing and integrating information across multiple business units was a key challenge for Tavistock Development Company. For a company that’s committed to creating long-term value in projects that inspire and providing unique experiences to customers, having access to as much up-to-date information as possible is always vital. In order to capture and integrate all of the necessary information from each one of its businesses into a centralized location, Tavistock Development Company turned to Salesforce and UiPath Connector, a dynamic integration solution available on the AppExchange.

We caught…

If you’re a small or medium business, you know the importance of innovation and agility. It’s what keeps you on top of the competition and navigate change (and we know how important that is, especially in 2020). To help you identify the right solutions on AppExchange, we create the Small and Medium Business Solutions App Guide. This app guide is designed to help you organize your search, locate the right apps, and make the best decision possible for your business.

We’re highlighting 10 of the solutions featured in the guide, but make sure to check out the full guide to…

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